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Currency Trading

is one of the world’s fastest growing Forexdanamp; CFD provider.

The company offers Foreign Exchange and CFD trading on multiple trading platforms, including the globally popular Metatrader 4 platform.

AAFXTrading.com is a market leader when it comes to customer service, offering its clients top-notch products and services in over 20 different languages.

The company’s focus on superior service has been frequently recognized by the industry. AAFXTrading.com was the recipient of the Malaysian investor show winning the best broker of asia 2013.

AAFXTrading.com is a fully licensed and regulated company.Daily News Market Updates

Keep up to date with the latest market news and trends with our daily live newscast brought to you from the AAFX studios

Learn to be a better trader by keeping your finger on the pulse of global market activity.

The Alliance program was developed to reward our customers, affiliates, and Introducing Brokers for referring new clients to open trading accounts with AAFX Trading. This program is designed to offer a compensation…

This is where technology, operations, and experience all meet in one place. We offer a standard,as well as completely customizable integrated solutions that include everything a brokeragerequires:…

From our conception to where we are today, AAFX Trading has always endeavored to be the best. Being the best however is only half the journey, remaining the best takes teamwork, perseverance and passion.

AAFX Trading has a deep-rooted sense of responsibility that it should help those less fortunate and actively lend assistance at every appropriate opportunity to do so. Contributing to local communities through charitable..AAFX Updates

The dollar was up on Friday morning in …

The dollar was up on Thursday morning in …

Why Choose AAFX for Currency Trading?

There are plenty of forex brokers out there in the market and we have differentiated ourselves from rest of the herd by focusing on providing top notch customer service to everyone including advance traders & beginner forex traders. AAFX Trading consists of specialized team that have immense experience in currency trading and other commodities such as gold, oil, bonds and so on.

  • We Know what you want
  • Better Technology
  • Best Customer service
  • Best Forex Brokers

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All instruments final hours are subject to change according to available liquidity.